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Body Positivity Win! People Seem To Be Fascinated With This Woman’s Huge Goiter

In a world where women are still all too often held to unrealistic beauty standards, here’s a story that just might restore your faith in humanity: This woman has a huge goiter, and people seem to be generally fascinated by it.

Body positivity FTW!

When 47-year-old Nancy Thomas developed a thyroid issue that caused a large, bulbous growth to develop on her neck, she was worried that people might be upset by her unusual appearance. But to her pleasant surprise, the reaction has been quite the opposite, as it turns out that children and adults alike are enthralled by Nancy’s goiter, often coming up to her in public to look at it, touch it with their fingers, or even take pictures of it. Whether she’s at work, at the gym, or shopping at the grocery store, Nancy is constantly surrounded by inquisitive onlookers who are transfixed by the sight of the massively enlarged gland on her neck.

It was entirely reasonable for Nancy to fear how people might react to her goiter, since physical abnormalities and “imperfections” sadly don’t fit into America’s very narrow beauty ideals. Yet instead, she’s now more popular than ever, so much so that she can barely leave her house without strangers asking her questions like “How big is that thing?” and “What’s inside there? Blood?” The fact that people seem more curious than repulsed by the humongous flesh-balloon wobbling from her neck is an encouraging indicator that society may be making important progress in terms of body acceptance.

Yes! All bodies truly are beautiful!

This just goes to show that the body positivity movement really is changing the way we perceive and treat those around us, and people of all body types should feel empowered by Nancy’s story to proudly flaunt what they’ve got. So goiter or no goiter, get out there and love yourself, because the world is changing for the better!