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Body Positivity Win: This 14-Year-Old Boy Would Have Sex With Absolutely Anyone

It’s a sad fact that even in 2017, movies, magazines, and pretty much all other media still constantly remind women that if they don’t look perfect, they aren’t sexy. It can be pretty disheartening, but if you want some uplifting proof that people are working hard to change these impossible standards, look no further than Connor: This 14-year-old boy would have sex with absolutely anyone, no matter what they look like!

Body positivity FTW!

Society still holds women to an unattainable standard of beauty, but high school freshman Connor Abrams is capable of seeing far beyond that. Rather than judge people by their waistline or cup size, this social justice warrior challenges societal standards by imagining having intercourse with every single woman who enters his line of vision. Amazing!

Society might shun women who are not “conventionally attractive,” but this body-positive hero would pounce on the opportunity to sleep with any woman, regardless of her appearance, so long as she were willing and able! And it would make him the happiest he’s ever been in his entire life. Connor wouldn’t even think of saying no—not in a million years!

But no one delivers this beautiful message of empowerment better than Connor himself:

“I would have sex with anyone,” Connor says. “Absolutely anyone.”

If that doesn’t give you hope for a better, more accepting future, we don’t know what will. This boy’s got us like:

It can be hard living in our current society with unconventional body types, but it’s important to remember that, no matter what you look like, you are more than represented in Connor’s frequent and uncontrollable sexual fantasies. Because just remember, if this agonizingly horny 14-year-old boy knows you’re beautiful, so should you!