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Bold Strategy: Ragú Has Started A ‘Ragú College Bombshell Of The Week’ Feature On Its Website

The pasta sauce industry is not typically the place where you’d expect to find innovative marketing ideas, but Ragú is clearly determined to change all that: The pasta sauce maker just launched the “Ragú College Bombshell of the Week” feature on its website, which highlights one smoking hot college girl each week, complete with a gallery of sexy pics.

Don’t look now, but Ragú is changing the whole game.

The campaign went live a few weeks ago, and traffic is already booming. Whenever fans visit now, the first thing they see is the week’s busty co-ed, from the stunning sorority sister who is always up for a wild night to the bookish sexpot who totally gets off to Shakespeare and Hemingway. Check out Ragú’s most recent hottie below:

Looks like Ragú’s competitors should get brainstorming.

“We are very excited to introduce the Ragú College Bombshell of the Week, which features the hottest girls with the most insane bodies as selected by the employees of your favorite pasta sauce company, Ragú,” the company wrote in a press release. “We hope that after users see the perfect tens with unbelievable racks on our website, they will decide to purchase one of our 18 delectable varieties of Italian-inspired pasta sauces that will make your next family dinner one to remember.”

Wow! It certainly seems like Ragú is making some major waves in the marketing world. The new feature already has a huge following, and applications are rolling in from college women across the country who are sending their names, schools, and six to 10 of their steamiest, sexiest pics to Ragú:

We’re definitely curious to see what the marketing mavericks over at Ragú come up with next. Prego, you’d better stay on your toes!