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Bon Appétit! 10 Incredible Experiences That Should Be On Every Foodie’s Bucket List

The food-obsessed will not want to miss out on these delicious international experiences.

1. Trying the Nordic Jack-O’-Lantern at Fiskfelagid: Visit this world-renowned Reykjavik eatery and order the Nordic Jack-O’-Lantern, and you’ll be treated to a whale bladder with a frowny face carved into it that’s stuffed with cough drops and a yeasty froth—equally inventive and delicious.

2. Slurping the mysterious sauce that flows through Venice’s famous canals: As you float lazily in a gondola, make sure to dunk a hand-carved wooden cup into the sauce canal and take a big swig. Delizioso!

3. Getting your fill of Moroccan kiwi: Confusingly, this Vietnamese pork belly delicacy is neither Moroccan nor a kiwi. It got its strange name when a pig near Haiphong vividly screamed “Moroccan kiwi” as it was being slaughtered, and it was determined that the finest pork belly comes from pigs who scream that as their throats are being slit. Book your ticket now!

4. Dining on a cumulus cloud: These extravagantly delicious dishes are always tantalizingly visible, but you should never eat one without a professional chef who can ensure the cloud is cooked long enough to burn away the deadly cloud poison.

5. Eating a tuxedo while wearing a tuxedo: If culinary sophistication is what you’re after, nothing is more upscale than eating a tuxedo while wearing a tuxedo.

6. Stuffed-crust pizza: This dish is an edible thrill ride oozing with your choice of cheese or marinara. Foodies do NOT want to go to their graves before trying stuffed-crust pizza.

7. Inhaling deeply near a 90-year-old man: For the refined palate, inhaling deeply near a 90-year-old man is an explosive gastronomic experience that any true foodie would be remiss to not try at least once.

8. Eating an egg: Anyone who wants a flavorful and authentic culinary experience could do a whole lot worse than eating an egg. The white part is amazing, but it’s the yolk that makes an egg unforgettable.

9. Dead chicken: You’re not going to see it on any menus, but if you find yourself dining in Lyon, ask your waiter for the “poulet mort,” or “dead chicken,” and prepare to savor this innovative twist on an old classic.

10. Using a Red Vine as a straw: This unique mix of licorice and whatever liquid you happen to be drinking is a complex dish that can only be described as very upsetting to your mom. A must-try for foodies!