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Boston’s Best Puddles To Dip Your Face In And Blow Bubbles

Headed to Boston soon? While you’re there, make sure to check out some of the city’s best puddles to dip your face in and blow bubbles!

1. Located right off the historic Boston Common, this puddle is one of the best places in the city to dip your face in all the way up to your ears and just start blowing away!

2. Don’t let the oil sheen on top scare you away. This primo puddle is fun for the whole family!

3. Though it’s a ways away from the center of the city, this puddle is well worth the trip just for the experience of getting your whole face submerged in its murky, gasoline-scented water and creating a kind of lukewarm jacuzzi by blowing bubbles with your nose and mouth.

4. This Charles Street puddle courted controversy in the late ’90s when an inebriated man tragically drowned while trying to blow bubbles in it to impress his friends. It’s still one of the best puddles in Boston, but it also serves as a reminder of the dangers of dipping your face into a puddle and blowing bubbles while intoxicated.

5. This South Boston puddle was originally a pothole. Lucky for us, it rained one night, and now it’s perfect for blowing bubbles. Have a friend watch for cars, and see if you can get your whole head under water!

6. This puddle is great for your whole face. Just from looking at it, you can practically feel the water on your cheeks. One of the city’s best-kept secrets!

7. John Adams once dipped his face in this puddle and blew bubbles for three days straight during the Revolutionary War. It still stands today, and you can experience history by blowing bubbles in it, too!

8. Well, what are you waiting for? This puddle isn’t gonna blow bubbles in itself!