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Breaking Down Barriers: Vogue Just Published Its First-Ever Cover Shoot Featuring Percy!

It’s a sad reality that the media — and especially the fashion industry — is dominated by supermodels who boast unattainably flawless looks, but something amazing just happened today that shows that the world is moving in the right direction. Vogue just published its first-ever cover shoot featuring Percy!

This is an incredible milestone for inclusivity! To see Percy on the cover of a fashion magazine as prestigious as Vogue is truly amazing.

Yep! Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. That’s really Percy flaunting his body on the front cover of a magazine that used to be reserved for models like Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss!

“Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and we at Vogue thought it was high time to celebrate quiet, polite beauty of Percy,” said Anna Wintour, Vogue’s legendary editor-in-chief.

“Percy breathes very loudly and for lunch he ate a peanut butter and banana sandwich while we were trying to photograph him,” Wintour added.

If you’re not standing up and cheering right now, you officially have no soul. Even 10 years ago, the idea of ever seeing a Vogue cover featuring Percy seemed like an impossible dream, but today is the dawn of a new era, because one the world’s premier fashion mags has Percy’s smiling face on it and it is honestly giving us life!

In the glamorous photoshoot, Percy is wearing Stretch Easy Relaxed Fit khakis by Kohl’s ($50, $20 with coupon), White Shirt by Kohl’s ($25 clearance sale price, original price unknown), Ortega Loafers by Skechers ($30 at Kohl’s), and Vest by North Face (price unknown, gift from Percy’s mom). He is looking absolutely stunning as he smiles softly at the camera, sending a signal to the whole world that you don’t have to be a skinny supermodel to make it to the epicenter of the fashion world.

This is one of the most inspiring things to ever happen in the history of fashion! If Percy can get his own Vogue cover shoot, then that means that Oliver can, and so can Rooster Junior! We may one day see an issue of Vogue or Elle where Rooster Junior is strutting his stuff and looking fabulous, even if he doesn’t have the same so-called “perfect” proportions Kate Upton or Tyra Banks. We cannot stop cheering for Percy for breaking down such an important barrier! Be sure to rush out to your local newsstand and pick up an issue of Percy’s Vogue cover shoot as soon as you possibly can!