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Brilliant: This 25-Year-Old Hired A Look-Alike So He Wouldn’t Have To Try Korean Side Dishes

We’ve all been there. Twenty-five-year-old Brian Weir often used to find himself at Korean restaurants stuck with a spicy or pickled side order he found unappetizing. But now, he’s got a genius work-around: He’s hired a near-perfect look-alike to eat all of his banchan side dishes!

Brian has sought out and contracted the services of an uncannily precise doppelgänger to at least pick at the sides that come with his dinner order.

Check out his method:

Whenever Brian sits down to a meal of barbequed beef or dak galbi, he’ll enjoy his main dish before excusing himself to go to the bathroom. Brian’s double will then replace him at the table to polish off whatever scallion pancakes or baby bok choy salad he didn’t want to try.

Absolutely brilliant.

“I call him the four or five times a year that I find myself eating Korean,” said Brian. “I like most entrées, but I’m not into some of the cabbage stuff. It works perfect.”

“A lot of restaurants don’t allow substitutions, so it makes more sense to have a look-alike,” he continued. “It costs me about $300 a year, but it’s totally worth it.”

Now, Brian can clear a plate like a breeze. Kimchi? Bokkeum? Not a problem. Best life hack ever? We think so!