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Caring About Customers: Duolingo Is Reporting Any User Who Goes 10 Minutes Without Opening The Duolingo App As A Missing Person

When it comes to customer service, one mobile app company is setting the new gold standard. Today the language-learning app Duolingo announced a new feature that will report customers who haven’t used the language-learning software for 10 minutes as a missing person.

This is truly some next-level customer care! If you are a Duolingo user who remains inactive on the app for 10 minutes, the app will file an official missing person’s report with local authorities and send a mass text to everyone in your phone’s contacts notifying them that something horrible has happened to you that is preventing you from learning a foreign language on Duolingo and that you are probably dead.

Talk about peace of mind! Duolingo will even send personalized messages to close members of your family to let them know that nearly a quarter of an hour has passed since you last completed a Duolingo exercise and that this probably means that you have been killed and they should start making arrangements for your funeral. They really take care of everything!

It’s refreshing to see a company that takes the safety of its customers seriously. Reporting missing persons can be a matter of life and death, and it’s inspiring that Duolingo has taken it upon themselves to prepare for the worst-case scenario when they lose track of their customers for 10 minutes. These are the kinds of human touches that really make a difference!