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Corporate Indifference: The McDonald’s Training Manual Tells Employees To Rob A Different McDonald’s On The Way Home To Earn Enough To Support Themselves

Get ready for a story about corporate greed that will make your blood boil. The McDonald’s employee handbook has just been leaked, and the internet is justifiably outraged over a section that instructs employees to rob other McDonald’s franchises on their way home from work in order to earn enough money to support themselves.

This is completely appalling. McDonald’s should be paying their employees a living wage without expecting them to hold up a cashier at another McDonald’s at gunpoint every night just to make ends meet. This leaked handbook offers a perfect glimpse into the infuriating ways that minimum wage workers are exploited every day.

Take a look at an infuriating excerpt of the leaked manual below:

Absolutely disgraceful. After putting in a full day at work, McDonald’s employees should be able to go home to their friends and families, not initiate a full-scale hostage situation in a different McDonald’s to supplement their unsustainable minimum wage income. McDonald’s needs to step up and start paying their workers a wage they can live on without relying on money stolen from neighboring McDonald’s franchises. They owe it to the men and women who work so hard to keep their restaurants operational every single day.