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Customer Service Win: For An Extra $5 A Month, Spotify Will Stop Adding ‘Archie, Marry Me’ To All Of Your Playlists

One of the biggest names in the music streaming business just found another way to step up their game: For an extra $5 a month, Spotify will stop adding “Archie, Marry Me” to all of your playlists.

Awesome! Now this is how you do customer service right! 

Although Alvvays’s 2013 single “Archie, Marry Me” is a catchy song that can be pretty enjoyable to listen to every now and again, many Spotify users have noted that the service queues it up so frequently that it would definitely lose its magic if they listened to it every time Spotify recommended it. However, beginning today, Spotify will now offer an incredible solution to this problem by giving Premium members the chance to upgrade into a new plan where the song will no longer appear on any of their premade Spotify playlists, such as their Time Capsule or Summer Rewind, or autoplay whenever they finish listening to an album. 

“We’re thrilled to announce that any Spotify users who’s tired of how often our service tries to get them to listen to ‘Archie, Marry Me’ can officially avoid the indie pop hit entirely for a small fee each month,” said the company in a press statement released earlier today. “It’s a great song, but we recognize that not everyone wants to hear it on their Discover Weekly or Daily Mix all the time, or see it listed in the recommendations under every single playlist they make. With our new upgrade, users can rest assured that the only times they will ever hear those soft bird chirps and the unmistakable guitar riff that kick off the song will be when they seek it out themselves.”

Hell yes! It’s so amazing that Spotify totally gets that just because “Archie, Marry Me” is a song you like to hear occasionally doesn’t mean you want to hear it every single day. Hats off to Spotify for this one – we can’t wait to sign up for this awesome new service!