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Cutest Celebrity Couple Ever? Werner Herzog And Nick Cannon Were Just Spotted ‘Lady And The Tramp’-ing A 40-Foot Party Sub Across The Border Of America And Germany

It looks like there’s a brand-new Hollywood romance brewing, and it’s basically the cutest thing ever: Werner Herzog and Nick Cannon were just spotted Lady And The Tramp-ing a 40-foot party sub across the border Of America and Germany!

This is officially the most adorable thing ever. Werner and Nick are literally the perfect couple.

Paparazzi caught Herzog and Cannon flirtatiously eating opposite ends of a giant sandwich, with the director Herzog standing in Berlin and his paramour Nick Cannon chowing down on his end of the sandwich just 40 feet away in Los Angeles. Some sneaky shutterbugs even captured the squeal-worthy moment the lovebirds finally reached the middle of their sandwich and shared a sweet kiss right on the U.S.-German border!

Okay, seriously, our hearts are melting—Herzog and Cannon are total #relationshipgoals.

It’s beautiful to see Nick Cannon and Werner Herzog so happy and in love! Even though Herzog lives in Germany and Cannon lives dozens of feet away across the border in America, this incredible couple found a way to Lady And The Tramp a party sub together and bridge the international divide that threatened to keep them apart. Werner Herzog and Nick Cannon are totally proving that love is still alive, and we are here for every second of it!