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David Copperfield, Please Don’t Use The Sliders To Make These Cruise Ships Disappear!

David Copperfield, there is no need to demonstrate your power! We are already awed by your mastery of magic.

We beg you, Mr. Copperfield, do not use the sliders to make this luxury cruise ship vanish.

No, not the Carnival Vista! That ship has 4,000 souls aboard. Its passengers and crew have done nothing to stoke your ire.

Please keep the slider where it is. These breathtaking feats of enchantment only belong at your Las Vegas show, not unleashed on the innocent aboard this boat.

You are blessed with incredible magical talent, Mr. Copperfield. Do not misuse your gifts by making the Disney Fantasy disappear with a simple flick of this slider. Instead, why not summon a flock of doves or levitate yourself across the Grand Canyon?

You’re a monster, David Copperfield. But you just may redeem yourself if you can resist moving the slider on this one.

We would plead for mercy, but clearly, your magician’s heart is carved from stone. Nothing we can say will sway you, so go ahead, teleport the Norwegian Breakaway to where you will.

Someday, you will certainly go to hell, David Copperfield, if a hell exists that can contain you. Begone, you villain! Go back to your lair at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino!