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Disney World Has Launched A New DNA Testing Service Where You Send Them A Sample Of Your Vomit To Find Out If Your Ancestors Ever Puked On Space Mountain

Disney World is doing something really cool for anyone who wants to find out more about their family tree: Park officials just announced that Disney World has launched a new DNA testing service where you send them a sample of your vomit to find out if your ancestors ever puked on Space Mountain!

No more wondering if a great-great-grandparent or a distant cousin ever got nauseous on Disney’s beloved intergalactic roller coaster. It’s time to uncover your past!

According to its website, Disney World’s new test facilities use just a tiny sample of your own vomit to see if it matches the DNA profile of any of the vomit it’s collected from people who have puked on Space Mountain throughout history. The test can even tell you which section of the roller coaster prompted your family member to puke in the first place. So whether you have a great-grandpa who lost it at the slow beginning part of Space Mountain before the ride actually started or a distant cousin who dry-heaved a little as their car whipped around a corner, it sounds like Disney World will be able to tell you all about it!

Just think: Every time you ride Space Mountain from now on, you’ll totally be able to picture all your ancestors alongside you, puking their guts out. It’s powerful stuff. Be sure to check out Disney World’s new DNA testing service and see what you can discover about your relatives’ puke!