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Diversity FTW! This Dominican Nanny Is Basically Part Of The Family

With stories about racial tension and violence everywhere you look, it’s helpful to remember that progress marches forward every day, and this story about different races coming together is no exception: This Dominican nanny is basically part of the family!

This is what the future looks like, people!

Although Raisa gets a stipend working for the Andersons, the bond she shares with the family is much greater than that of employer and employee. She may not look like them on the outside, but Raisa goes everywhere with the family, and they couldn’t imagine what it would be like without her. It’s like having a second mom in the house!

Just because Raisa is from the Dominican Republic doesn’t make her any less a part of the family. The kids even call her Auntie. And if a member of the family needs something, she’s always ready and willing to jump in and help out as needed between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m., Mondays through Saturdays! Being a thousand miles away from her own kids back in the DR is no problem when she has another, equally incredible family to spend time with and prove to the world that skin color truly is not a barrier.

Whether Raisa is getting the children ready for school or tracking down their homework, brown skin and white skin exist in beautiful harmony in the Anderson household!

Even when there’s work to be done, there’s always time to sit down and have dinner with the family before doing the dishes, as long as Charlie isn’t acting up. And the Andersons wouldn’t even think of not taking someone as integral as Raisa with them on their summer vacation to Rome, which Raisa will have time to explore during the few odd hours she’s not corralling the children. Awesome!

Wow, what an inspiring story! They may come from different backgrounds, but thanks to the Andersons’ efforts to open up their hearts and their home, they’ve been able to build an incredible family together. And that’s something to cheer about.