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Do You Need Us To Hold Your Hand Through This Entire List Of Incredible Murals? Do We Always Have To Compile A Whole List Of Photos For You Just So That You’ll Look At Them? Grow Up.

We put together this convenient, scrollable list of incredible murals for you because apparently that’s what it takes to get you to look at photos of interesting things. All we do is look these pictures up on Google—something you’re more than capable of—but the internet has rotted your brain to the point where you’ll never see shit like this unless we dump it in a trough right under your dumb piggy nose. Well, lap it up, ya lazy fuck. Jesus Christ.

1. “Hunting Pollution,” Federico Massa, Italy

This Italian mural by Federico Massa uses a special type of paint called Airlite, which helps neutralize pollutants in the air. Pretty cool, but certainly not something you would have ever known if we didn’t lead you by the hand like a goddamn toddler through all the neat—and easily searchable!—shit the internet has to offer. You can’t do anything on your own, can you? Fucking moron.

2. “Mona Lisa Of Williamsburg,” Colossal Media/Steven Paul, New York City

We hope you like this image of a Williamsburg mural that was based on a photograph taken by a Brooklyn high schooler because it seems like a curated list like this one is the only place you’re ever going to see it. God, why are you so dependent on us for this kind of shit? Grow the fuck up and find some of these images yourself for once, you useless fuck.

3. “Titanic Town,” Ed Reynolds,  Belfast

All right, here’s another. Want to know more about it? Well, we aren’t going to tell you. How does that feel, huh? You scared? Are you filling your Huggies with stress doo-doos because you have to take five seconds to do a reverse Google Image search? Pathetic how much you need us. Absolutely pathetic.

4. “Protest Mural Depicting Zehra Doğan,Banksy, New York City

A list of incredible street art wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Banksy’s subversive, political murals—like this one, which depicts the imprisonment of Turkish journalist Zehra Doğan. It’s pitiful that we have to say any of that to you since you obviously already know the whole deal with Banksy if you’ve lived anywhere other than under a rock for the last 10 years. But here we are, stuffing it down your helpless gullet like your fucking wet nurse. Want us to wipe your ass for you, too?

5. “Grain Silo Mural,” Various Artists, Incheon 

Seriously, you needed us to show this one to you? You needed us to find you a photo of the mural that literally won a Guinness World Record for how big it was? Here’s a search term for you: “famous mural.” Type that into Bing or whatever the fuck search engine you use and see where it takes you. You know, there’s a big world out there full of all kinds of cool photos you can look at if you make even the slightest effort. But you’re not going to do that, are you? You’ll just come crawling back to our safe, organized lists. And here we are, letting you. Sad. It’s a sad fucking world.