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Don’t Click! Snakes!

What the hell! How could you click when we told you there were snakes? Jesus, you’d better grab a stick or something, they’re everywhere.

Fuck! There are so many snakes! We warned you not to click! Jesus Christ!

Oh shit! Holy shit! Fucking snakes everywhere! Oh fuck!

Jesus fucking Christ! These snakes look so dangerous! What have you done!

That one is definitely poisonous! You brought this on yourself, you idiot!

There’s nowhere to run and there’s nowhere to hide. Shit! You’re going to get bit by a bunch of snakes! They’re going to eat you alive! Why did you click on this? We told you not to click on this!

Holy fuck there’s just about a lifetime supply of fucking snakes here. Holy hell, oh goddamnit! This is all your fault! We made it VERY clear there were snakes! But you didn’t care!

You proud of yourself, snake-clicker?

Oh fuck! Look at the size of that thing! Oh Christ! This could have all been avoided!

Oh God! Oh no!

Oh for fuck’s sake! How many are there?

This one actually isn’t so bad. It’s kind of cute…

Oh, for the love of Jesus Christ the Lord! Fuck!! It came out of nowhere!

Oh my God there are just so many snakes here! You never should have clicked on this link. Maybe next time we tell you not to click on something because there are snakes, you’ll fucking listen to us!