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Don’t Let The Fear Of Striking Out Keep You From Playing The Game: Go Pick Up A Squirrel With Your Hands

Too often in life we allow fear to dictate our decisions. We push our hopes and dreams to the wayside out of fear for what could go wrong, but all this does is leave us unfulfilled and plagued with regret. This is a terrible way to live, and it’s time to start living on your own terms. You need to start saying “Yes!” to life, and you need to do so TODAY. So, go ahead, follow your heart: Go pick up a squirrel with your hands.

You’ll never regret failure. You’ll only regret never trying.

It’s not a coincidence that squirrels are perfectly hand-sized, nor is it a coincidence that there are millions of squirrels outside—it is indeed God’s way of saying, “Look at all these many fuzzy, handheld treats I have made for your enjoyment. Go now and pick up a squirrel. It is my will.” Isn’t it high time that you stopped letting fear keep you from living the life you want vis-à-vis picking up a squirrel? Yes. It absolutely is. 

Maybe you’re afraid that you’ll reach your hands down and miss the squirrel and pick up a rock instead. So what? Or perhaps you’re afraid that as soon as you pick up the squirrel, you’ll want to put it back down. Well, that’s okay, you can do that. Maybe you’re just scared that if you pick it up, you’ll never put it back down. And what’s so bad about that? These lines of thinking are just your brain’s way of avoiding what you really need to do, which is picking up a squirrel right this minute. It will be fun and satisfying, but even on the off chance that something goes wrong, you can always just throw the squirrel back on the ground. Nothing will go wrong, though. You’re literally just putting your hands around a small, one-pound animal and lifting it up—it simply could not be easier. 

Remember: You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.

There’s no reason to keep wasting time on the internet when there are so many squirrels outside that you could be picking up with your bare hands. Do it right now, and let us know in the comments how amazing it feels to finally live out your dreams!