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End Of An Era: The High School Friend Who Texts Everyone When Someone From Their Class Dies Has Died

It’s a sad day for members of Camp Hill High School’s graduating class of 2004: Marissa Carlsberg, the one friend who could be counted on to text everyone else when someone from their class died, has passed away.

R.I.P. Marissa. Looks like the rest of your classmates will be flying blind now.

For years, Marissa made her mark as the one who could be relied upon to pass on the news of a death in the class to dozens of her estranged high school acquaintances. It didn’t matter which social circle the deceased classmate ran with, Marissa always somehow knew about them and graciously passed that information along to people she hadn’t spoken to in years. Whether about Martin Kesh losing control of his motorcycle or Jennifer Gomez overdosing on fentanyl, Marissa’s texts were always thoughtful, nonjudgmental, and prompt. Even though it was certainly beyond the call of duty, Marissa was also pretty good at blasting out a massive group text whenever a classmate got cancer.

What a tragedy. Marissa was even Facebook friends with a few of the old teachers, which helped her run point on everything from candlelight vigils to class gifts in the deceased’s honor.

Although the hole that Marissa leaves cannot be filled, it looks like Sally Combs has dutifully taken up the reins and will be spreading the word about future deaths from here on out. But it clearly won’t be the same: Sally took over four weeks to text people about Marissa. Not a great start.

Wow. It seems like Marissa truly touched many people with her sporadic texts about untimely classmate death. Rest in peace, Marissa. You will be missed!