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Environmental Win! Poland Spring Is Fighting Plastic Waste With A Campaign Highlighting The Disgusting Flavor Of Its Bottled Water

It should come as no surprise that the $100 billion bottled-water industry is pretty much the polar opposite of environmental sustainability. Fortunately, one of the biggest producers of bottled water is taking some real action to go green: Poland Spring is fighting the accumulation of plastic waste with a new campaign that highlights how terrible their bottled water tastes.

Now here is a company that gets it.

“We just want to get the word out that our crystal-clear water tastes truly awful,” said Janet Connor, senior VP of marketing for Poland Spring. “Every year, 38 billion plastic water bottles are thrown out. In order to minimize the impact we have on the environment, we wanted to remind people that drinking our fresh spring water is an unpleasant ordeal from the first sip to the last. Given the option, it would be a better idea to drink hot wolf piss.”

As part of the campaign, Poland Spring is marshaling their full resources behind the effort, including print and billboard placements that advertise their water as “a miserable experience for your mouth.” To support these efforts, social campaigns using the hashtag #MyPolandSpringTastesLike will encourage users to share the first time they tried the company’s bottled water, and to pull no punches when it comes to describing the excruciating flavor.

Poland Spring has even updated its website to reflect their new focus:

Wow! What a huge win for the environment! It’s nice to see that the folks at Poland Spring are willing to describe their product as Satan’s vomit if it means making this planet a better place. Way to go!