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Epic Facepalm: This Man Is Completely Regretting His ‘Mom’ Tattoo After He And His Mom Stopped Dating

There are no shortage of major tattoo fails on the internet, but this one is making us do the largest facepalm of all time: This man is completely regretting his “Mom” tattoo after he and his mom stopped dating.

There is no way to sugarcoat this: This is an epic fail. This guy must feel like a complete idiot right now.

Brandon Michaels had been dating his mom for just a little over a year when he decided to declare his love for her by getting the word “Mom” tattooed inside of a heart on his bicep. But after a messy breakup in which his mom announced that she’d never sleep with him again, Brandon’s “Mom” tattoo has become just another embarrassing reminder of a bitter ex.

There’s absolutely no doubt that Brandon wishes he could take a mulligan on this particular tat right now!

“When I got my ‘Mom’ tattoo, I thought my mom and I were going to be in love forever, but now that we’re not together anymore, it just looks stupid,” Brandon explained. “I might try to get it removed or something, because now whenever I see the word ‘Mom’ written on my arm, it’s just a painful memory of how my mom’s not my girlfriend anymore.”

Oof. This guy definitely didn’t think this through. He should have probably waited until he and his mom were married before he went ahead and got her name permanently inked onto his skin—and even then, there would have been no telling whether he and his mom would have eventually gotten divorced anyway.

This is absolutely the most insanely cringeworthy story you’re going to read all day. Hopefully Brandon’s story can serve as a lesson for others that you should only get a “Mom” tattoo if you’re absolutely sure that you and your mom are going to be in love with each other forever!