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Everything We Currently Know About Tubes

Even if you haven’t seen them, you’ve definitely heard of them. So, what’s all the buzz? Here’s everything there is to know about tubes.

Tubes are definitely rods

There’s no two ways around it. Tubes are round and skinny, rods are round and skinny—the slipper fits.

Tubes are different than circles

If you look at a tube head-on, you’ll see that there’s definitely a circle-like element, but that’s only a very small part of a much bigger picture.

There seems to be a large hole

You may be wondering, are tubes dense all the way through like bricks are? And the answer to that question is “Most likely not.” There appears to be a hole in tubes that goes from the beginning of the tube to the end of the tube.

When people call television “the tube,” they are telling a fib

While there are many people who refer to TV as “the tube,” this is an egregious mischaracterization and should not be tolerated.

Tubes come in two kinds: plastic and metal

If it’s not one of these, then it just isn’t a tube.

Tubes are found in many countries all over the world, including Poland, Singapore, and Jamaica

Please contact your local government office to find out if you too live in a place that has tubes.

Just because a tube is large enough to fit a man does not mean a man is large enough to fit a tube

Logically speaking, yes, a tube should be able to fit inside a man if the man can fit in the tube. But in instances like the one pictured here, sometimes what’s logical isn’t always what’s true.

There is a movie about tubes

Here it is. It’s called Tubes: The Exciting Journey About Tubes.

Tubes can be as long as you’d like or as short as you’d like

Some tubes are as long as 13 feet.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not a tube

This is a TUB.

The purpose of tubes is to make bigger tubes

Tubes are great because if you attach one tube to another tube, together they become an even bigger tube. Gotta love those tubes, baby!