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Failing Our Children: This Public School’s Sex-Ed Class Doesn’t Cover Ways To Drive Him Wild And Leave Him Begging For More

If you thought there was nothing wrong with the way we teach sex ed, then you need to read this.

Our public schools are supposed to provide a complete education to all students, but one high school in Ohio has been abdicating that responsibility in an alarming way: Although every sophomore at Denville High School is required to take a course in sexual health, the program completely skips over ways to drive your man wild and leave him absolutely begging for more.

Yup, you read that right: This school does not teach its students how to give your man a night so freaking hot he’ll never be able to come without you again.

Students at Denville High School may think they’re learning everything they need to know about sex in the school’s health program, but a quick look at the curriculum reveals the disturbing truth: In the entire semester-long program, there is not a single lesson about how to keep your man harder than a rock for an entire night of pleasure. No discussion about how to give blowjobs like the porn stars do. Not even a hot tip on what to do with his shaft that will send him straight to heaven. And all explanations of how to get that bedsheet-ripping orgasm you’ve been waiting for your whole life? Completely absent from Denville’s sex-ed program.

Such negligence has far-reaching consequences. After completing the mandatory sex-ed program, more than 70 percent of Denville students still have no idea how to drain their man’s balls in 10 minutes flat. Ask any senior to identify the one blowjob request their guy is too shy to ask for, and they likely won’t have an answer for you. The most terrifying thing is, these young people will go out into the world and start having sex anyway, totally unaware of the must-try bedroom kinks that will make his head spin.

This is reckless and irresponsible. If one day their man asks them to taunt and tease him until his balls ache with pleasure, these students will have none of the necessary grounding to fall back on.

How could a public school fail its students so badly? Every young person has a right to know about the most shocking male G-spot that will leave him quivering and moaning for more. Denville High School has completely dropped the ball here, and if someday one of their students comes forward and admits that they have never had a hands-free orgasm, these educators will only have themselves to blame. Come on, public schools. Do better.