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Faith Rewarded! This Man Went To Church Every Day For 20 Years And God Let Him Die In An Awesome Speedboat Accident

Well, this just goes to show what a difference faith can make.

For 20 years, Kenny Fillmore was a devout Christian who never skipped a day of church. Every Sunday, he made sure to attend mass at 10 a.m. sharp, even leading several of his church’s mission trips and volunteering for its monthly bake sales. He never asked for anything in return, but now a lifetime of devotion has come back around and paid off in the most amazing way ever: Last weekend, God let Kenny die in a flaming high-speed accident on an out-of-control speedboat.

Incredible. This only reaffirms the awesome power of prayer.

God must have been smiling down in approval on Saturday as Kenny rented a 250-horsepower boat while vacationing at the lake with friends from college. In thanks for the years Kenny spent as his faithful follower, the Lord blessed his boat with a malfunctioning gas valve, causing the engine to combust in a mind-blowing explosion and immediately singeing his body to a crisp in a completely badass eruption of flames. And he wasn’t done there. God willed the force of the explosion to flip Kenny’s boat over, sending his blazing corpse caterwauling through the air in a blast of gasoline.

Wow. Kenny’s story is an inspiring example of the benefits that a deep, abiding commitment to faith can bring.

Between joining his church’s choir and helping out at Sunday school, Kenny continually renewed his commitment to his religion and his creator. And judging from the six badass flips God let Kenny’s body do through the air and the epic splash God caused his charred remains to make when they finally hit the water, it seems like Kenny is finally reaping the rewards.

Most of us can only ever dream of going out in such legendary fashion, but Kenny got to actually explode and then drown in front of a bunch of strangers in what has to be the coolest death of all time, and he is official proof that living a life of pious, steadfast faith is worth it in the end.