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Fans Rejoice! 5 Classic Moments Only Fans Will Remember!

Yep: this one’s for the fans! If you’re a fan, here are five classic moments you will most certainly remember!

1. When they kissed!

Every fan remembers when they kissed. It was the moment we had all been waiting for for years! If you’re a fan, you are literally about to cry right now thinking about the perfect moment when they finally kissed on the lips (and right after they found out the Swordsman was loose in the building, no less!). As good as the kiss was on its own, fans also remember how it made the moment when they got engaged at the Amateur Festival all the more beautiful. Yeah: If you weren’t seated a foot from the TV with all your closest friends chanting “Time for the kiss” for the entire week up until when the big kiss finally happened…you probably aren’t a fan. Fans will remember this moment like it was yesterday!

2. Waking up early on Friday mornings

This one is probably ringing a few bells if you’re a big-time fan! For years, you bolted upright in your bed at 7 a.m. sharp on Friday mornings, screaming with excitement right up until the second that you switched on your TV. Why? Because that’s when it was on! And you weren’t about to miss it…you were a fan, after all! To you, there was no sound sweeter than that perfect theme song set to the tune of the American national anthem. If only we could go back in time and experience it all again!

3. What happened at the bank

Is there a fan out there who doesn’t have the bank scene permanently burned into their brain? We’re willing to bet most fans have their lives divided into two categories: Before what happened at the bank, and after what happened at the bank. The journals you’ve filled with your thoughts on the the three shocking deaths (and the pretty hilarious breakdancing contest sequence) that went down at the bank could fill up the biggest warehouse in the world. And that’s how you know you’re a true fan!

4. Buying the T-shirt

One memory a fan will never forget is the moment you opened up a package from the mail and there it was: The T-shirt. Whether you picked the one that said “Amateur Festival: Next Right” (classic) or the one that said “Don’t Heat My Seat!” (lol—best season finale ever), you wore that shirt until it was threadbare.

5. Jend <3

Every. Fan. Remembers. How. Jend. Was. So. Hot. You. Couldn’t. Even. Believe. It. Good luck to any fans out there who are getting married….because you know deep in your heart that no one will ever compare to Jend! Sorry, but that red hair, those awesome snow boots, and of course that incredible cooking skill (“Jend’s famous oatmeal,” anyone?) is just too good to deny! Being a diehard fan means having a lifelong obsession with Jend, and that can be both a blessing and a curse. But you’ll never stop loving Jend, just like you’ll never stop being a fan. Here’s to the fans!