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Farewell To A Legend: Steve Harvey Has Rocketed Through The Roof Of His Studio In Shock After A Guest Told Him She Doesn’t Make Her Kids Do Chores

After decades of top-tier entertainment and nonstop laughs, it’s time to say goodbye to an incredible titan of showbiz: Steve Harvey has rocketed through the roof of his studio in shock after a guest told him she doesn’t make her kids do chores.

So long, Steve, and safe travels!

The unfortunate incident occurred earlier today during a taping of Harvey’s daytime talk show, when a mother named Wendy came on with her two children to explain to Steve that she needed help getting them to behave. Steve casually asked what chores each child was responsible for, to which Wendy responded, “Well, I don’t really make my kids do chores. I usually do everything for them.” At this point, Steve’s eyes began to widen as he looked at Wendy in disbelief, taking two slow steps backward before sputtering, “You don-……you don’t—you’re telling me you—.” Audience members shook their heads in disapproval at the woman as Harvey stood paralyzed in a full-body expression of shock, rapidly shuttering his eyes as if he couldn’t understand what he was hearing while Wendy confirmed that after school, she lets her kids play video games rather than help her out around the house.

Harvey then uttered a high-pitched, “Are you serious?” and a trickle of blood dribbled out of his nose down onto his shirtfront. The veins in his forehead bulged and throbbed alarmingly as he repeated, “This can’t be SERIOUS—now where I’m from—,” in higher and higher tones, his feet beginning to lift off the ground from the sheer force of his consternation. Levitating over the studio, Harvey strained toward the floor but could not overcome the bewilderment that was pulling him upwards towards the ceiling, propelling him higher and higher as he alternated between staring down quizzically at Wendy and mugging to the audience. It was at this point that Wendy revealed that she even gave her kids $50 of allowance per week, causing Harvey to claw at his face and violently convulse with disbelief mid-air, shaking and twisting with such intensity that he gradually morphed into a red-hot ball and blasted vertically through the studio’s roof and off into the stratosphere, leaving a trail of smoking rubble in his wake as he screamed “Fifty dollars?!? You said you give them FIFTY DOLLARS?!?!?” in a thunderous growl.

Following Harvey’s abrupt and fiery departure from the set, witnesses say that Wendy pledged to start giving her two kids a little more responsibility around the house, eliciting mild applause from the studio audience and groans from her children. Sadly, no one has heard from Harvey since he was last seen sailing through the roof, and there are no further tapings of his show scheduled for the foreseeable future.

Damn, what a loss. Hollywood will never be the same now that Steve is gone and hurtling through the cosmos.

While saying goodbye hurts, hopefully we on Earth can someday be reunited with Steve Harvey in the afterlife. Let’s all wish him a safe journey as he soars alone through the stars and galaxies, spreading laughter across the great beyond.