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Feminism FTW: This Amazing Body-Positive Instagram Ad Campaign Is Empowering Women To Buy A Bra That Costs $95

Here’s a story about an awesomely inclusive company that’s spreading a feminist message every woman can get behind: This body-positive Instagram ad campaign from a boutique retailer called Sunflower Lingerie is empowering women of all shapes and sizes to buy a bra that costs $95.

Hell yes! This is feminism at its finest.

Earlier this month, Sunflower launched its Insta ad campaign with promotional photos featuring women across the spectrum of weight, body type, and skin color, proving once and for all that every single woman out there has it in her to wear $95 bras and the $55 high-waisted briefs that go with them. These empowering, promoted posts send the beautiful message that as long as you’re a woman and have $95 to spend on a single bra, you should feel totally comfortable in your undies.

A lot of people have warped ideas about how women “should” look in order to have any kind of value in our society, believing that only ladies with slim, conventionally attractive body types deserve to drop over 100 bucks after tax on a piece of underwear that for whatever reason is called “The Sadie.” But Sunflower and their amazing un-retouched ads are making it clear that this is not the case, because buying a bra that costs half your monthly grocery budget isn’t about being “perfect”—it’s about knowing and loving who you are.


Ladies, if you’re tired of your Instagram feed being infested with facetuned bikini models and airbrushed celebs, you might want to give Sunflower Lingerie a follow, because they’re showing the world what it looks like for women to take back their agency and realize that their physical appearance does not define their ability to rock hundreds of dollars worth of underwear. Never forget that no matter what society tells you about your power as a woman, you are perfect—and 100 percent worthy of a bra that costs $95!