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Fighting Gentrification: This White Family Refuses To Live In Any Neighborhood That Isn’t 100% White

In America’s less affluent neighborhoods, low-income minorities are often left to grapple with the gentrification juggernaut all on their own. But these marginalized people will be happy to know they have an ally in Ryan and Caitlin Hubbard and their son, Corey—a white, upper-middle-class family that is helping to fight the good fight by refusing to live anywhere that isn’t already 100 percent white.

Finally, a real stand on the issue of gentrification!

Ever since Ryan and Caitlin got their first house together back in the ’90s, they’ve stood firm against gentrification, scrupulously ensuring they never once lived next to or within 5 miles of a person of color. And they maintained their steadfast commitment to fight gentrification when they moved into an all-white gated community just last year. Whether they’re attending a white church, exclusively patronizing white businesses, or just generally isolating themselves from any interactions with minorities, it seems everything the Hubbards do helps enforce their staunch stance against gentrification.

Talk about commitment to a cause.

While well-off white people continue to push minorities out of historic neighborhoods from Brooklyn to L.A., the Hubbards refuse to be a part of this distressing trend by adamantly insisting that they live in an area that has been entirely all white for well over 50 years. Going above and beyond to ensure they aren’t complicit in displacing a minority community, these socially aware heroes repeatedly asked their realtor to make sure that no black, Hispanic, or Asian families had ever lived in their new home at any point before signing the papers.

Wow. Thanks to their progressive lifestyle, the Hubbards will never have their presence in a community spike rents on poor minorities or dilute the culture of a historically ethnic neighborhood. They’ve drawn a line: It’s all white or nothing, forever.

So let’s hear it for the Hubbard family and their ongoing war against gentrification! They are truly making a real difference.