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Finally! Lisa Frank Is Releasing A Line Of Somber Black-And-White Folders For Kids Whose Parents Are Getting Divorced

If you’re a kid and your mom and dad don’t love each other anymore, get stoked: Lisa Frank just announced they’re releasing a new line of somber black-and-white folders for children whose parents are getting divorced!


The iconic school supply brand unveiled the gloomy new folders earlier this week, which are covered in the same adorable critters as their normal folders but rendered in joyless grayscale. Bright rainbow dolphins and unicorns are fine for kids who come from happy homes and don’t have parents who argue nonstop, but not all children fit that profile. For kids who wake up scared at 2 a.m. because their parents are screaming at each other in the living room, these monotone folders are long overdue as the last thing you want to do when you’re sad about your home life is carry around a cheery, neon-hued folder with a beautiful tropical beach on it. Now there’s finally an appropriate folder option for those who’d like to convey that their families are broken beyond repair.

Imagine how awesome it’ll be for kids to sit in the lobby of a law office and do homework out of a drab black-and-white pegasus folder while their parents go toe-to-toe in an adjoining conference room over how to divide assets and custody! Or think of how much better it’ll feel for kids to have folders with doleful gray kittens on them that accurately reflect how upset it makes them to have to spend their weekends on the sleeper sofa at their newly single dad’s one-bedroom bachelor pad!

So cool!

Kudos to Lisa Frank for recognizing that life isn’t peachy for everybody and that some kids are feeling utterly broken on the inside over their parents’ devastating decision to hurl their family into a never-ending vortex of domestic chaos. Hurray!