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Finally: They’re Replacing The Tornado Siren With A Ballad Called ‘No One Can Outrun The Wind’

Well, it’s happening at last.

Starting this month, cities across the country will start ditching the outdated droning siren that plays during tornado warnings. In its place, the siren towers will play a heartfelt ballad titled “No One Can Outrun The Wind.”

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, sirens will be calibrated to transmit the 2:42 track at a standard 138 decibels, alerting all nearby citizens to the threat of a tornado and indicating that they should take shelter immediately. The grabby hook and soulful lyrics have been specifically composed to immediately get the attention of anyone in harm’s way.

The revised siren has already been installed across several high-priority states in so-called Tornado Alley—the region of the U.S. with the most frequent and severe tornadoes. Just take a look at this amateur video to hear the new warning system in action:

The full song (with lyrics) has also been made available through the NOAA. Check it out below, and if you live in a place prone to tornado activity, then enjoy this exciting preview of the improved, modern siren sound that may soon play in your town:

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