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Find Out What François Hollande, Al Roker, And Carmelo Anthony Have To Say

Ever wonder what’s on the mind of today’s most notable people? Well, don’t miss our unbelievable roundup of the best and most talked about quotes of the day:

“Before I took office, Nicolas Sarkozy told me two things. First, if I’m ever in doubt, find comfort in the resiliency of the French people, and second, the ultimate goal of France is to get back the Statue of Liberty. I think about that every day.”

—François Hollande
On French politics

“If you don’t like the tie I’m wearing when you’re watching me on TV, simply open up the weather app on your smartphone and zap me with it. Just click the in-app button that says “Zap Roker,” and I will instantly be overcome by a series of high-voltage shocks from my necktie. Please, just don’t do it more than three times.”

—Al Roker
On technology

“A lot of people get excited for New Year’s, but I spend so much time watching a countdown clock on the basketball court every day that I’m over it.”

—Carmelo Anthony
On his least favorite holiday