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Fuck Yeah: Hanukkah In June

No fucking way we’re waiting until December. Hanukkah is now in June, baby!

It’s Hanukkah in June! Light the menorah, don your swimsuit, and get ready to celebrate eight days of summertime fun!

When the weather gets warm, it’s time for Hanukkah! We’re going to spin dreidels while kicking back poolside!

Throw some latkes on the BBQ!

There’s plenty of Manischewitz in the cooler! Leave your parka in storage, friend! It’s Hanukkah in June!

Uh-oh, looks like the rabbi got a sunburn! Hey, rebbe, slap some SPF 50 on there before you sizzle like a sufganiyah!

Nice, a reggae band is here to play “Ma’oz Tzur”! Hanukat hamizbe’ah, compadres!

Light some fireworks with the shamash! Badass!

Wooooooo! Hanukkah in June! We’re never fuckin’ going back!