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Gender Equality FTW! This Company Has Installed Stirrups On All Of Its Desks So Female Employees Can Give Birth Without Falling Behind On Their Work

Well, this is totally awesome!

Without the proper safety net, missing several months for maternity leave can set your career back months, if not years. Thankfully, one company noticed this problem and decided to do something about it: It installed stirrups on all of its desks so that female employees can give birth without falling behind on their work!

Gender equality FTW!

Rather than penalizing women for taking time off during their pregnancy, the incredible people at the San Francisco-based tech firm CloudSource installed gynecological stirrups on all of their desks that allow female employees to give birth without ever even leaving the office. Now, whenever a woman in their office goes into labor, all she needs to do is stick her feet up into the stirrups, push as hard as she can, and squeeze out a baby from in between her legs without missing a single minute of her workday!

Having a baby used to mean taking time off and falling behind male coworkers, but at CloudSource, a 16-hour natural birth can be totally knocked out behind female employees’ stirrup-equipped desks, and they never even have to close their laptops. Whether they’re leading meetings with a 10-centimeter dilated cervix or slamming the boardroom table with each contraction while their legs are spread open, women can be team players no matter what their birth plan looks like!

Once a female employee is done giving birth, all she needs to do is remove her outstretched legs from the stirrups, put her feet back on the floor, hold her baby in her arms, and get right back to work for the rest of the day!

Here’s hoping it won’t be long until other companies follow suit and start installing stirrups onto tables everywhere from other tech companies to factories! Good on CloudSource for stepping up here and treating its female employees right. Needless to say, being a woman in the workplace will never be the same!