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Get Paid What You’re Worth! Use This Expertly Crafted Fill-In-The-Blank Letter To Negotiate A Higher Salary With Your Superior

Do you love your job, but feel like it’s time for a raise? It’s normal to feel awkward about asking for more money, and we’re here to help. We consulted dozens of professional career coaches and business experts in order to craft the perfect negotiation letter that will win you a higher salary every time. Just fill in the blanks, and let this time-tested, incredibly effective template do the work for you. Let’s get this bread!

Dear esteemed boss, Mr/s. (or even Dr.)  ________,

Hello there. It has come to my attention that I, ________, have been working as Senior ________ Associate at the world-famous ________ Corporation for _____ heart-pounding years. During that time, I have taken on such duties as writing ________ reports, manipulating ________ data, Alpine ________-ing, ________ under the direction of Fred L. _________, stopping by the town  ________ to pick up ________ for your kids, and Microsoft Word. For all this you have paid me _____ thousand dollars, which I appreciate immensely. However, on the date of _____ at _____ a.m, I came to the realization that I would like you to give me even more money.

I have been a valuable asset to the world-famous ________ Corporation for years, especially due to my dazzling ________, shocking ________, and incredible physical prowess in the sport of ________. I appreciate you taking time away from your beloved ________ to teach me to be a more ________, feisty, and ________ employee.

My cost of living has increased significantly over the past year. I have purchased a ________ that cost _____ dollars, and also, my ________ caught on fire. For this reason, I believe I deserve a raise.

Here are some suggestions for amounts of money you could pay me:

  • $_________.

  • $_________.

  • $_________ point 6 million.

  • $_________ plus a 50% stake in the world-famous ________ Corporation.

  • The same salary as you.

Well…what do you think? I am sitting in my ________ eagerly awaiting your response. I hope that we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement. If we cannot, I will ________ you.

Hugs and ________,

Your employee, ________