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Go Ethan! Go Ethan! Go Ethan!

Whoa…someone just put on Boom Boom Pow, and Ethan is breaking it down! Go Ethan! Go Ethan!

Okay, here he goes! Get it, now! Go Ethan!

Damn! We didn’t know Ethan had moves!! 

Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!

Work Ethan! Dance Ethan! Go Ethan! Go Ethan!

Ethan’s such a pimp! Everyone’s watching, Ethan! Don’t stop now!

Y’all stuck on super 8-shit

That lo-fi’s stupid 8-bit

I’m on that HD flat

This beat go boom boom pat

Ow ow! Yes!!! Let’s get a clap going for Ethan!


Awwwww damn! Hit us with the kick move!

Yesssss Ethan!!

Hell yeah. Way to go, little dude! No one had any idea Ethan could dance like that! We can’t wait to see him do it again. Go Ethan!