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Guardian Of The Hospital: A Look Back At All The Times Chris Pratt Visited Sick Kids

Chris Pratt has more than just a hunky body, he also has a hunky heart. Whenever a young fan who loves ’Guardians Of The Galaxy’ or ’Jurassic Park’ gets a terminal illness, Chris Pratt is usually not too far behind. Here are all of the inspirational stories that prove Chris Pratt will go to any length to brighten a sick child’s day. It makes us wish WE had cancer!

Heartwarming: When Chris Pratt Heard A Young Fan Was Dying, He Challenged Death To A Chess Match For The Kid’s Life

Heartwarming: Chris Pratt Showed Up In Costume To This Condemned Fan’s Execution

Not A Good Sign: This Kid Hasn’t Been Diagnosed With Anything Yet, But Chris Pratt Has Been Standing Outside Of His Room For 3 Days Straight

Heartwarming: Chris Pratt Surprised This Terminally Ill ‘Iron Man’ Fan By Visiting Him Wearing Robert Downey Jr.’s Skin

Beautiful: Make-A-Wish Sent Chris Pratt To Meet An 8-Year-Old Fan Trapped In A Burning Building

Wow: Chris Pratt Visited A Sick Fan In The Hospital But You Can Kinda Tell It Was Just To Check Out His Huge Tumor