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He’s A Go90 Guy. She’s A Pluto TV Girl. Here’s How This Odd Couple Makes It Work.

Navigating a relationship when you and your partner come from completely different worlds is never easy, but one amazing mismatched couple is proving that love can overcome any obstacle: He’s a go90 guy and she’s a Pluto TV girl. Here’s how this odd couple makes it work.

At first glance, this insanely mismatched couple seems like they’d be at each other’s throats every single day. Tyler Musgrave is fanatically devoted to the go90 online video streaming service, but his wife, Alicia Fuchs, is fueled by an undying loyalty to the online content that streams on Pluto TV. Their relationship may sound like a recipe for disaster, but by scheduling Tyler one hour a night to stream NBA Insider on go90 and Alicia one hour to browse Pluto TV’s 75 channels, they’ve been able to find a way to develop a loving relationship in spite of seemingly insurmountable differences in their preferred online content providers.

Amazing! It’s so refreshing to see two vastly different people put love first and defy the odds.

“I love Alicia so much, and that’s why I’m able to look past her love for Pluto TV even though go90 offers a superior selection of original programming and video clips on a non-subscription, ad-supported streaming platform,” Tyler said of his seemingly impossible relationship. “Sometimes we’ll start screaming at each other about whether go90 or Pluto TV is truly the optimal choice for accessing online broadcast content targeted toward millennials and Generation Z with a combination of original and third-party programming, and we won’t talk to each other for days. But then we’ll remember that, even though Pluto TV has partnered with Sony to stream content on home gaming consoles while the go90 platform exists solely as a property of Verizon Communications, our feelings for each other are strong enough to overcome such massive differences.”

Would their marriage be easier if Tyler and Alicia were both devoted go90 or both all-in on Pluto TV? Maybe. And Tyler and Alicia would be the first to tell you that their marriage is anything but perfect, but they share such a deep and powerful connection that they’re able to defy convention and make it work. And that’s truly beautiful.