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He Was Rich. She Was Rich. Then, They Got Married…To Each Other.

Get ready to feel emotional, because this is truly a love story for the love book: He was rich. She was rich. Then, they got married…to each other.

Beautiful. Anyone might have guessed that it would happen, and it did happen…to them.

She was born in Connecticut, and he was also born in Connecticut. Yet for many years, they did not know each other: She grew up and attended the University of Pennsylvania to study business, and he attended Duke University to study business. But fate brought them together after college when they both moved to the Manhattan neighborhood of New York City to pursue jobs. And they found jobs. Good ones. But what they really wanted to find was love, which they then both easily did by using the same dating app tailored for upwardly mobile professionals. And the people they fell in love with? Each other. If that weren’t serendipitous enough, the mysterious forces of the universe aligned so that they could have a perfect wedding in Connecticut, the place they were both born, in a gorgeous outdoor ceremony that was both expensive and nice—bringing their love story full circle.

Amazing. Love truly does always find a way.

Now that the couple has achieved marriage, they are looking forward to focusing on their favorite activities, such as eating at restaurants and being near boats. Whether it is an evening, a weekend, or a three-day weekend, you can often find them out on the town purchasing extremely large mirrors and carrying bags that look new even when they are not new. They have so much fun together that one might think they are rich and best friends…but the reality is that they are rich and married.

They say that “sames attract,” and in this beautiful case, that could not be truer.

After their honeymoon in another country, the couple will return to Connecticut, where their wealth and marriage will continue on with no end in sight. They hope to have three children, but before that, they plan to buy an intelligent and defect-free dog from someone who lives in a different state.

Perhaps no one would not have guessed that these two would find each other…but they did. This is the kind of story that gives you faith that two rich people truly can get married. Congratulations and best wishes to the wonderful couple!