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Heartbreaking: The Thing You Want Is All The Way Over There

In this day and age, the daily onslaught of awful news you read about is just plain brutal and unrelenting. We’re sorry to announce that this story is no exception. Here’s a bleak reminder that the world is often a cruel, unjust place: The thing you want is all the way over there.

Simply heartbreaking. This is the type of terrible tragedy you hear about happening to other people but never imagined actually happening to yourself.

Tragically, even though the thing you want is something you’d like to have right now, the heartbreaking reality is that in order to get it, you would have to get up and go all the way over there, which is enough to make you question whether going on living is even worth it at this point. This horrible situation forces us to question how a just and loving God could allow the thing you want to be in one place and have you be in a different place, even though you’d like the thing to be in the same place as you since you want it.

In dark times like these, the love and support of friends and family are about all that can help pull you through the feelings of hopelessness and despair.

All the more devastating, experts have confirmed that reaching your arm all the way out toward the thing you want will not be enough to get the thing you want to be in your hands, which is a truly devastating blow for you since you want the thing. Getting up and going to go get the thing is reportedly the only way the thing you want is ever going to be with you over where you are right now. And as if this world hadn’t already been cruel enough, it appears as though the thing you want will tauntingly remain clearly in your field of vision, leaving you to wonder what it might be like if the thing was closer to you, and making it nearly impossible for you to ever fully move on and live your life without thinking about having the thing in your hands.

At this point, all you can do is accept that you are now living in a world where the thing you want is all the way over there, and unless someone comes walking into the room who you can shout at and ask to bring the thing over to you, you’re going to have to learn to live without it or stand up and go all the way over there and get it. Either way, the awful task placed upon you by this cold and uncaring universe is to now pick up the shattered pieces of your life and try to move forward.