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Heartbreaking: This Man Works For A Website

Grab the tissues and get ready to cry, because here’s a heartbreaking story with no happy ending. Tragically, this man works for a website.

Christ, this is just horrific.

Unfortunately, this man dedicated his career to putting a website on the internet and making sure that publication is regularly updated with fresh articles and videos that attract web traffic. Out of everything he could have done with his finite and precious lifespan, he foolishly chose to spend it toiling away pumping out bite-sized pieces of “content” so that the website that employs him could earn more ad revenue for its corporate owners.

If you have a meaningful job like being an accountant or a construction worker, you can only image the endless ennui and despair this man who labors on behalf of a website must experience every second of his pathetic existence.

What lunacy could have led this poor sap to decide, “I want to work in a crumbling industry where mass layoffs are the norm and success is entirely beholden to the whims of social media platforms that could erase my job at any moment for no reason?” Why would he willingly subject himself to hearing the phrase “changing digital media landscape” in meeting after meeting every day of his life? When he was a child, was his greatest dream really that one day he’d get to upload digestible content to boost page views so his company could charge a higher rate for sponsored posts?

This miserable sad sack actually feels a tiny jolt of joy whenever an article he’s worked on earns a higher-than-average amount of retweets. Imagine having so little in your life that you find comfort in something as small and insignificant as having a post go viral.

You’re probably wondering why this man doesn’t just quit and do literally anything else, and that’s the most chilling part of this devastating story. After working at a website for years, he never developed the job skills needed to find a profession that isn’t working for a website. Now, he faces the grim decision between continuing to work for websites for the rest of his life or letting his family starve, and it’s honestly hard to say which would be the right choice.

For those of you who don’t work at a website, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll never share this man’s awful fate. There’s no way to help him, so all you can do is feel a pang of sympathy and then try to forget about this wretched man who works for a website before his depressing fate ruins your whole day. What a bummer!