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Heartbreaking: This Woman Is Nostalgic For A Few Months Ago When Things Were Only Pretty Bad

Given the unprecedented pandemic we’re living through, it makes perfect sense to think back on happier times to pick yourself up. But unfortunately, that doesn’t make the following story any less depressing: This woman is nostalgic for a few months ago when things were only pretty bad.

Woof. This is so hard to watch.

With Omicron cases continuing to rise and more and more events getting canceled as a precaution, 29-year-old Sarah Beatrix of Queens, NY has found herself lost in memories from a couple months back — a time when when Covid hospitalizations were still pretty high, but not in her state, so she wasn’t compelled to Google the positivity rate in her city every single morning. Now, as Sarah spends her days locked inside her small studio apartment where she’s once again working from home full-time, she can’t stop thinking about how much better it was when she was permitted to go into her office two days a week so long as she kept her mask on the entire time and didn’t eat or drink at her desk.

Dear Lord.

As Sarah spends another night on a “socially distanced walk” with a friend, she can’t help but daydream about all the fun times she had in September, when she was eating inside a makeshift shed on the street after showing her vaccine card to a waiter, all without feeling especially nervous she was going to contract Covid from the experience, though the possibility was certainly in the back of her mind. These days, Sarah can’t even go on Twitter without seeing dozens of recommended tweets from epidemiologists explaining how Omicron enters the respiratory system, or even announcing that they’ve contracted Covid themselves — such a stark, sad difference from even eight weeks ago, when the worst tweets were only about climate change.

This is just so sad! Nobody should ever be nostalgic for a time as bleak as the one Sarah’s thinking about. Oh well. Guess this is life now!