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Heartwarming: Chipotle Is Offering A $40 Gift Certificate To The Family Of Anyone Who Dies While Preventing A Chipotle Burrito From Getting Wet

Get ready for the most heartwarming story you’ll read all day. Chipotle is giving back to families who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and it’s pretty wonderful. The Mexican food chain is offering $40 Chipotle gift certificates to the loved ones of people who have died while stopping Chipotle burritos from getting wet.

What an incredibly touching gesture. This is how you make a difference with your customers.

The amazing new program was announced in a letter from Chipotle founder Steve Ells published on their Facebook page:

Beautiful. Corporations are usually thought of as soulless moneymaking machines, but every now and then you find one with a heart. Hopefully other companies will follow suit and offer similar rewards for the well-deserving families of those who have died while protecting other food brands from getting wet. And they have a great model in these stirring posters Chipotle is putting up at its locations nationwide:

Finally, the families of those who have perished of hypothermia while standing in an icy waterfall to shield a burrito from getting soggy or been shot between the eyes by a gunman for refusing to dunk a burrito into a swamp have someone looking out for them. And it’s about time.

We salute you, Chipotle.