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Heartwarming: Despite Working 70 Hours A Week, This Amazing Dad Makes It To Every One Of His Son’s Little League Baseball Games To Take A Few At-Bats

Well, here’s a story that’s guaranteed to warm your heart.

Rick Mayer is a very busy dad. As the regional sales director for a young software company, his work week often stretches well outside the traditional 9-to-5. For this amazing father, though, family always comes first. Despite working 70 hours a week, Rick makes it to every one of his son’s Little League games to take a few at-bats.

Yes! Here’s someone who’s doing fatherhood right.

At the office, it’s not uncommon for Rick to put in nearly twice the hours of his coworkers. But on days when his 9-year-old son, Trevor, has a Little League game, Rick makes it his mission to arrive at the park on time and ready to tag the opposing team’s pitcher for a few opposite-field long balls.

It’s a sacrifice that often means opting for the last seat on a redeye instead of the more comfortable mid-afternoon flight, but every time he cracks a hard liner into the gap, Rick remembers why he does it. On one particular day last month, he clocked six hours at the office, went 4-for-4 with a pair of RBI singles, two home runs, and a hit-by-pitch, and then spent the entire night back at work.

What a positive example for dads everywhere!

Whether he’s using his tremendous reach to poke an intentional walk attempt through the infield or scorching a grounder right past a stunned third baseman, Rick is a man who understands that being present is one of the most important parts of being a father. It’s a commitment that Trevor is reminded of every time he witnesses his dad overcome the loud jeers of the opposing team’s bench to lace a double off the center-field wall.

“No matter what I have on my plate, I would never consider missing one of Trevor’s games,” said Rick. “What it always boils down to is that I just don’t want to have my son play a game where he looks at the starting lineup and I’m not in it.”

Wow. It’s another uplifting reminder that even the busiest schedules leave room for the things that really matter in life. Rick, we salute you!