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Heartwarming: Lionel Richie And Chewbacca Mom Have Buried The Hatchet After Realizing Life Is Short And They Don’t Even Know Each Other

Here’s the type of beautiful story you love to see. One of the most venomous celebrity feuds of all time has finally come to an end. Chewbacca Mom and Lionel Richie have finally buried the hatchet and ended their bitter and violent rivalry after realizing life is short and they didn’t even know each other or have any idea why they were even fighting.

Heartwarming. What a beautiful end to a vicious conflict.

Chewbacca Mom and Lionel Richie were able to drop their longstanding feud during a private meeting in Chewbacca Mom’s Beverly Hills mansion where the two celebs determined that they didn’t know one another, couldn’t remember a single reason they would have started fighting, and both only had a vague idea who the other even was. The viral sensation and the musical superstar agreed that life is too short to fight with someone you don’t know and agreed to completely drop it right then and there.

“For the past two years, I have tried everything in my power to destroy Chewbacca Mom, but it recently occurred to me that I don’t remember why we started fighting and I actually know pretty much nothing about her,” Richie said in a Facebook post featuring a photo of him hugging Chewbacca Mom. “Life is too short to carry that kind of hate in your heart for someone who is very unfamiliar to you and has never interacted with you in any way.”

Chewbacca Mom also uploaded a video where she officially announced an end to the terrible feud, donning her famous Chewbacca mask and admitting, “Honestly, I think I had Lionel confused with Stevie Wonder. That’s why I was always ragging on him for being blind. My real beef is probably with Stevie Wonder.”

With their fans no longer forced to divide themselves into Team Lionel or Team Chewbacca Mom camps, an outpouring of love has warmed hearts all over the internet. Friends and relatives who were no longer on speaking terms because they had taken different sides in the battle between Lionel Richie and Chewbacca Mom can once again reconnect. And in one of the most poignant moments you’ll ever hear about in your whole life, Lionel Richie announced that he was no longer offering his fans $5 million for anyone who brought him Chewbacca Mom’s head in a wicker basket, and Chewbacca Mom announced that she would no longer be hiring Ukrainian mercenaries to fire anti-aircraft artillery at planes that Lionel Richie was riding in.

Simply amazing! This story is an incredible example of how you shouldn’t try to kill people if they haven’t wronged you in any way and you’re only vaguely aware of their existence. If Chewbacca Mom and Lionel Richie were are able to set aside their differences in order to move on with their lives, then anyone can!