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Heartwarming: These Parents Had The Most Adorable Girth Reveal Party To Announce That They’re Having A Fat Baby

Get ready for an uplifting story that might just be the best thing you’ll see all day: These parents just had the most adorable girth reveal party to announce that they’re having a fat baby.

Okay, this is seriously way too sweet! These are the coolest parents in the world!

Last weekend, expecting parents Victoria and Keith Pakenas of Morristown, NJ were accompanied by their friends and family as they discovered whether or not their unborn baby would be fat. Up until the party, the couple had denied all information from their doctor about their baby’s girth, so you can imagine their delight when Victoria cut into a 5-foot-long cake to find a giant doll of Fat Bastard from Austin Powers, confirming once and for all that her baby would be massive.

The guests broke into a celebratory chant of “Chunk! Chunk! Chunk!” at the wonderful news that the baby will be significantly heavier than average. The amazing couple then opened up a cardboard box to release dozens of balloons revealing the messages “It’s A Fat Infant!” and “We’re Giving Birth To A Human Bowling Ball!” Victoria’s parents were then presented with sweatshirts reading “OUR GRANDCHILD WILL BE HUGE” in what solidified the day as a lovely memory that all who attended will cherish forever.

Celebrating your future child’s girth among friends and family is a truly beautiful thing! Victoria and Keith will have plenty of adorable photos from this day to show their little chunkster one day in the future! It’s seriously the cutest thing that has ever happened!