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Heartwarming: This Incredible Superdad Has Won Child Custody From Every Divorce In His County

Well, it looks like we’ve already found our candidate for Father of the Year.

Greg Holton, of Oakland City, IN, is such an incredible father that he’s redefining what it means to be a “superdad.” In fact, his parenting skills are so off the charts, the courts have awarded him custody of every single child from every divorce in his county!

Wow! Now that’s a next-level parenting achievement.

Greg has always been a great dad to his three biological children, but when the court started grating him custody of the kids from every divorce in Gibson County since early March, he stepped it up and somehow became an even better one. Between working over 50 hours a week, changing dozens of diapers a day, attending 64 Little League games a month, and planning college visits, you’d think he might be overwhelmed, but not only does he pull it off, he manages to make it look easy. He’s even put four additions on his house to give all of his 28 kids (and counting) the space they need to play.

It’s this incredible love and dedication that makes Gibson County courts choose Greg as the sole legal guardian every time there’s a divorce with a custody dispute, and even in divorces where the parents have agreed to split custody.

“Determining child custody is a difficult and highly emotional process for both parents and the court,” said Gibson County judge Roland Peterson. “But in the end, it’s the duty of the court to make its determinations based on what is best for the children. And that’s why we award custody to Greg 100 percent of the time. We always explore all options, but he’s simply the best dad around, and it would be unethical to give them to anyone else.”

Not all dads can achieve Greg’s level of perfection, but they can certainly learn a thing or two from this real-life superhero. Hopefully, Greg’s story will serve as an inspiration to fathers everywhere to be the best dads they can be, even if they may never be granted custody of the children from every divorce in their county.