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Heartwarming: This Man Promised There Wouldn’t Be Any Trouble If These Ladies Handed Over Their Purses

Looking for a story that will absolutely make your day? Well, look no further, because a good Samaritan in Fremont, CA, just went above and beyond with an incredible spontaneous act of kindness.

While sisters Katherine and Jamie Donovan were walking home from dinner last night, this amazing man pulled up beside them and promised there wouldn’t be any trouble if they handed over their purses!

Faith in humanity restored!

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If you’re wondering what an everyday hero looks like, this is it. According to these two women, the man approached them, and without even being asked, told them that if they just stayed calm and handed over their purses, cell phones, and wallets, they could walk away quietly and no one would get hurt.

Not only did this generous stranger go out of his way to lend a helping hand, but he was too humble to even leave his name, so these ladies had no way to thank him afterward!

Yes! Just yes.

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Well, life can get rough sometimes, but all it really takes is a selfless gesture like this to make someone’s day! So to the anonymous do-gooder who made us smile: Thank you for all you do!