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Heartwarming! This Peewee Soccer Coach Let Everyone Try Out For Goalie As If The Team’s 140-Pound 8-Year-Old Wasn’t A Shoe-In

Youth sports can get competitive, but any good coach knows that building a team is about more than just winning. Luckily, no one knows that better than David Kimble, an incredible peewee soccer coach who just did something amazing: He let everyone try out for goalie as if the 140-pound 8-year-old on his team wasn’t already a shoe-in.

Wow! Looks like we’ve found an early front-runner for coach of the year!

Would most peewee coaches have taken one look at their scrawny-ass team, immediately called over the 140-pound kid, squeezed a goalie pinnie onto him, and stuck him in front of the goal for the rest of the season? Duh! But Coach Kimble isn’t like other coaches. Instead, this amazing guy let every single one of his 70-pound pip-squeaks run catching and diving drills during tryouts, and he cheered them on like the goalie position wasn’t about to be filled by the biggest 8-year-old he’s ever seen.

Yep! And in the spirit of showing absolute fairness, Kimble even let the team’s 140-pound monster play midfielder in a scrimmage, as if he was ever going to let the child equivalent of the Berlin Wall do anything but guard the net! Because in the end, what else is a kid who is as wide as he is tall going to do out there on the field? Talk about dedication to your players!

Take notes, coaches. That’s how you build team spirit.

Kudos to Coach Kimble for going out of his way and giving the impression that some other player that wasn’t the massive one might have a shot at tending goal! Everyone else in the league had better look out, because with a coach like Coach Kimble at the helm, this team’s bound to do big things.