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Heartwarming: This Town Built A Returning Veteran His Very Own Bus Shelter

Get ready to feel all the feels, because this story’s going to warm your heart.

When 27-year-old Staff Sgt. Kurt Abbott finished up his most recent tour in Afghanistan, he returned home to one of the most touching gestures ever. His friends and neighbors in Alamosa, Colorado, had learned he was coming back, and had come together to honor him in a big way by building Kurt his very own bus shelter.

Wow, what an incredible way to give back to their hometown American hero!

Earlier this week, hundreds of grateful Coloradans gathered along Route 285 to present Kurt with a brand-new, three-sided bus shelter. It was beautiful to see so many people come out and thank Kurt for his service, some bringing old newspapers for Kurt to sleep under and others providing him with a tarp to protect against splashing from passing buses on rainy days. They even built the shelter two blocks from a Starbucks so that Kurt would have a nearby place to use the bathroom. Amazing!

From the sturdy wooden bench to the trio of plexiglass walls, the town spared no expense in making sure Kurt knew just how much they appreciated the sacrifices he had made over the years. The bus shelter even featured a slanted steel roof as an extra thank-you for spending his life defending America’s freedom.

We and the people of Alamosa salute you, Kurt. Welcome back.