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Heartwarming: When This Couple’s Daughter Went Missing, Their Community Came Together To Find Them An Even Bigger One

Tragedy recently struck the small town of Chandler, TX, when the daughter of Rory and Angela Lawrence went missing. With very limited resources at their disposal, the local authorities were coming up empty-handed. So, the residents of the small city banded together and did something incredible: They found the Lawrences an even bigger daughter!

Awesome! When word of the missing girl started spreading, the members of this tight-knit community knew they had to come together and help.

“Many of us are parents ourselves, and we couldn’t imagine what they were going through,” said search organizer Jerold Holstein. “The Lawrence family was in need, and finding them a larger daughter was the least we could do.”

Wow. Not only was this community able to find a daughter for the couple, but they went above and beyond to find one that was a generous step up in size!

Holstein said he is proud of his fellow residents for succeeding in finding the girl, but not surprised.

“We are hard workers here, and we love our neighbors,” he said. “If we’ve got to walk arm-in-arm through a swamp looking for a bigger daughter for a family in need, that’s what we’re going to do.”

The next time you feel like there’s no good in the world, just remember the incredible feat of compassion that these everyday heroes pulled off.

Faith in humanity restored!