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Hell Yes: Claire’s Is Debuting A Bejeweled Trunk That Preteen Girls Can Hide In For The Entirety Of Middle School

If you were a Claire’s fan back in the day, get ready, because the store’s latest product is going to make you feel all the feels. Let’s just say that junior-high you is about to be super freaking jealous, because Claire’s is debuting a bejeweled trunk that preteen girls can hide in for the entirety of middle school!

Hell yes! This is the perfect accessory for girls who need a few years before they’ll feel comfortable being outside.

According to the company’s website, the awesome new Claire’s trunk comes with customizable rhinestones in a variety of themes ranging from gymnastics to One Direction, as well as reinforced opaque walls that girls between 4- and 5-feet-5-inches tall can hide inside when the world of trying to put on eyeliner and looking weird in training bras becomes too much. Thanks to a sparkly ventilated roof and a slot that parents can slip peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Capri Suns into, girls can live out sixth through eighth grade in the safety of the super-cute trunk, without them ever having to leave its confines and figure out whether they look okay enough in a two-piece bathing suit to show up to Rebecca’s pool party.

Uh, yes please? If you’ve got a young woman in your life who has recently been put on a “most flat-chested girls in school” list, you’re going to want to get her this immediately!! Because you just know pre-teen us would have LOVED a sparkly chest that we could climb into, slam shut, and keep locked until high school!

Yep! At just $45, we predict that a lot of girls who want to put off dating, making new friends, and facing their childhood BFF who suddenly got hot and mean are going to be saving up their birthday money to get one of these trunks ASAP. Clearly, Claire’s is going to continue being every young girl’s favorite store, even if every single one of them gets inside their new trunk and never comes out again!